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2 days til school!~ [09 Aug 2002|11:59pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

school starts in 2 days. im like excited to see everyone, yet i have no idea how im going to get up and i dont wanna deal with classes. yesterday i went to open house, i saw the new school, got my uniforms and books, and met a couple teachers....i hung out with jarred justin lindsay brooke frankie n anna the whole time. i met this new kid, kris, he was really nice, and these two twin girls. we're suppose to be getting like alota new kids next yr, so thats cool i guess. its so gay we dont find out any of our classes, not even our homeroom til monday morning - its gunna b total chaos! but oh well.
tonight i went to the movies with brooke joanna jamie theresa emily anna and frankie.jarred was suppose to go with us, but him n danny were late =\...actually i saw their truck drive away and knew they were there we jus didnt wait lol. but we saw em after anyways so it was okay. it was cool to see everyone, i hadnt seen some of em in months! so tomorrow im not doin nething really, i already got all school stuff. i have an eye doc appt but thats all, ill prolly jus chill and enjoy my last saturday of summer haha. =D welp, im gunna go, bubyeee <33


LAiN got her license!@#$ [01 Aug 2002|11:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

woohoo, today i went with lain to get her license =D awz i was so happy for her...after we went n got it we went out to lunch n then stopped by the mall n got a smoothie, i saw johny and loren decker - i swear theyre everywhere all the time - weirdos lol. then we came home n watched crossroads, i never saw it in the theater - it was actually pretty good, britney spears is really cute, wow, i wanna look like her lol, but hey, what girl doesnt!

i dont think im really doin nething tomorrow,i hafta babysit my lil brothers n then ill prolly lay out n then at 5 i hafta go to cheerleading practice`

welp, im gunna go, much love =D

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cheerleading camp... [30 Jul 2002|09:24pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

for the last to days i've been goin to cheerleadin camp from 9 to 4 - ahh its been some loong days! im really sore too! but we're learing alot of new things + getting wayy better, so thats good. but on the other hand, ima b glad when its over tomorrow =\ my legs kill!

aww, brooke got her wires off today n her mouth hurts bad -poor thing! =\...shes not goin to camp tomorrow - ima b all alone! ahhh!...but its all good babe,u needa rest up n get ur ass betta!`

welp, im off too bed, gotta rest up for tomorrow!! x0x0 =D*

c0mment plzz! ;]

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drinking isdumb.... [27 Jul 2002|07:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

hm yah i jus foud out ppl i thought had enough sense not to go get drunk and do drugs - do! ugh its so retarded. hm ya 'hey guys, lets go get drunk,make complete idiots of ourselves infront of everyone, n then puke it up! - ugh, now im jus in a bad mood =\w/e fvk it@!#%

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m0viez [27 Jul 2002|12:07am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

tonight i went to the movies with brooke brittney n tey - oh ya, jason came too lol . but hes not important aha ;x we saw austin powers in goldmember...it was pretty funny, it was like one of those dumb,yet hilarious, movies - all you guys should go see it lol` after the movie we like saw lots of ppl from ecs - it was kinda weird...like sam calan paul evan adam jeremy ashtin + way more..oh and jus guess who i saw, who i havent seen all summmer - JARRED!@#$% - ahh i couldnt believe it, wow, he looks alot better, hes cute..really cute - he dyed his hair like bright blonde tho rofL ;x it actually doesnt look that bad though - i sure am screwed, yah kno, i thought i was over him, i really did but then i hada go and see him - so this is jus bad- very very bad, oh gosh, i dont even wanna think about it buti cangt help it!! grr =/ yep, so anyho0 - i was gunna spend the night at britts with tey n brooke - but i wasnt alowd, so tomorrow ima b home doing nuthin, LAiN has to go to a wedding so that sucks n then on sunday shes goin to ft lauderdale - i might go with her ...yah, i prolly will since i have nuthing better to do hehe* awh ya n we might go to olive garden - i love that place lol! alright, well this kinda got way longer than i wanted to, so ima go, later gat0rz ;P

= shara =D*


iM h0me~ [26 Jul 2002|12:01am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well im home again, i got home at like 3 am last night cuz the damn plane was delayed like 2 freakin hours but anyhoo - im chillin at LAiN's right now...new york city was pretty damn awesome - we went to like all the sites yah kno - statue of liberty,ellis island, ground zero...etc. time square was pretty cool, and there are like soooo many ppl there, wow, i duno if i could live in a big city like that.but get this - for the first two days i like didnt have a bag - we thought the airlines lost it, but really it was jus sum dumbass that grabbed the wrong bag - i mean it was a bright red bag - go figure, so that really sucked, i got to go to a big mall n get clothes tho so that was cool. and we stayed with my dads girlfriends brothers house - he was really nice, so was his wife....yea it was a pretty good trip. ground zero was so sad tho, man o man, it must of really sucked to have actually seen it all happen - whoa , i cant even imagine! well, tomorrow i think ima go to the movies with britt n brooke and hopefully spend the night with britt, iuno if im alowd yet tho. but fer now im gunna go!* peace out playaz`

= shara <3


hey its LAiN*! <33 [23 Jul 2002|02:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey guyz - i decided to post in sharas journal cuz im bored and shes on vacation! ;] hm..i miss ya lots shara!! lol omg i cant wait until you come back. 9 days until i drive - woohoo!* :D thanx for writing the thing in my user info shara, thats so sweet! ;] alrighty, well ima go ;p ttyl buh byee <33 comment lots everyone@!

= LAiN* [:


the chicago real world is the best ever =D [16 Jul 2002|11:05pm]
[ mood | content ]

awz, well i jus watched the real world reunion thingy, it was pretty good i guess - yea, i really like dthat season - hehe*.....well today i went to the beach with brooke ;] aw it was pretty fun, there was like no one at the beach tho - hm kinda odd =\ but we hada leave at like 2 cuz i had an orthodontist appt - and good news - i get my braces off in like 2 weeks! - score!~#@! then i came home n watched harry potter - lol now that is one strange movie...then i watched john q, aw thats a sad one ='[. tomorrow i dont think im doin nething - chillin like always haha.

friday im leavin for new york city, yep yep, im pretty excited - its gunna b so cool, ive nevr been there n stuff! =D...welp, im gunna go, bubyeeez` <3333

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bLah bLah bLah... ; p [13 Jul 2002|10:54am]
[ mood | cold ]

a little while ago i got back from joannas ;] i spent the night n we went to the movies last night..we saw like mike - aw it was cute, n we saw emily dru + jason n they were seein it too, so we sat with them...n then we saw britt and adam + tey. yup yup, awz i miss joanna, im def gunna start doin more stuff with her! <33 sometime next week me n brooke are gunna do sumthi - hopefully if i dont hafta babysit all week - ugh =\ who knows tho. welp, ima go....later gat0rz ;P


heres a lil survey... [10 Jul 2002|08:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]

- last movie you saw on video: a walk to remember =D* -the greatest movie of all time-
- last movie you saw on the big screen: mr deeds
- last phone number you called: hm i think my dads or lains
- last show you watched on TV: taildaters
- last song you heard: a1- caught in the middle
- last thing you had to drink: orange-strawberry-banana juice ;]
- last thing you ate: baby back ribs ~
- last time you showered: yesterday lol
- last time you cried: last weekend. =/
- last time you smiled: about 5 mins ago
- last time you laughed: prolly like 20 mins ago
- last person you hugged: brooke i think
- last person you kissed: hah! ummm ;x
- last thing you said: 'peace out' to lain
- last person you talked to online: lain n ryan
- last person you talked to on the phone: my dad
- last thing you smelled: um, sonnys? lol

Do you...
- smoke? no.
- do drugs? no.
- drink? no.
- have sex? not til im in love =D
- sleep with stuffed animals? naw
- have a crush? not really
-have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope
- have a dream that keeps coming back? not really.
- play an instrument? hah yeah right
- believe there is life on other planets? maybe.
- read the newspaper? sometimes...
- have any gay or lesbian friends? i dont think so
- believe in miracles? yep
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? yes
- consider yourself tolerant of others? lol ehh?
- consider police a friend or foe? depends
- like the taste of alcohol? not at all.
- have a favourite Stooge? moe!
- believe in astrology? ehh not really ;/
- believe in magic? nope
- pray? yes.
- go to church? ehh sometimes
- have any secrets? yes.
- have any pets? a beastly cat
- go to or plan to go to college? yes.
- have a degree? not yet
- talk to strangers who instant message you? usually not
- wear hats? nawt really.
- have any piercings? ears.
- have any tattoos? no.
- hate yourself? at times
- have a "hot spot"? no.
- wish on stars? no
- like your handwriting? sometimes.
- have any bad habits? yes.
- believe in witches? naw
- believe in Satan? yes
- believe in ghosts? ppsshh
- believe in Santa? lolz no
- believe in the Easter Bunny? its yo mamma!`
- believe in the Tooth Fairy? hah, no
- have a second family? yea
- trust others easily? not really
- like sarcasm? yew got that rightt
- take walks in the rain? i take walks..lol lain...jus not in the rain
- kiss with your eyes closed? um who doesnt?
- sing in the shower? naw lol.

(1 BiG GRiN | ·smiLe·)

`whoop-de-doo!~ [08 Jul 2002|11:33pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

hmz well not too much happened today, i spent the night at lains last night =D n then we watched not another teen movie + shallow hal today...took a walk lolz then we went up to amc n saw mr deeds - aw i liked it alot, it was pretty cute, and adam sandle is funnyyyy!` tomorrow im goin to the beach with brooke prolly..well, if its not raining that is!

AND omgosh! a walk to remember comes out =D i <333 that movie =D* yayee im so excited!! and oh yah, the season finale of real world comes on too! ; ] thats guna b really good also!!`

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this is dedicated to BRiTT* [06 Jul 2002|03:48pm]
this is for brittney...my hott ass,sexi mama friend - the only friend that actually reads my journal lol and even tho i havent seen her in weeks becuz we are both losers with no lives, i love her <3 and she is one of my bestest friends ever and next year when shes at fmhs, shes hookin me up with sum hotties =D*

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a rainy saturday.. [06 Jul 2002|03:26pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

well today ive pretty much done nuthing but watch tv and sleep....mostly sleep tho lol. i was gunna do sumthin with joanna later but now shes goin to disney all of a sudden =\ so there goes that. and now i found out i hafta go to sanibel to go on sum dinner cruise thing with my stepdads brothers family - fun fun..NOT. lains comin back today, but now i wont b here to see her so that sucks.

hm oh yah, last night i went out with my cousin,kerry, and her friend, alicia. it was actually pretty fun lol..well first we went shoping - to the mall (i got a skirt n shirt from ae) and old navy + best buy, then we went to dinner at olive garden(mmm! thy have the best salad + breasticks!)so then after that we decided to cruise down to the beach n check out the hotties haha - then we went to the bowling alley, now i kno it sounds lame, but there were actually like tons of hott guys that are friends of my cousin there - it was cool, even tho theyre all wayyy too old for me haha, oh yah and i met a cousin i never knew i had too - hes really nice. welp im gunna go, later gators ;P

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happy -day after- 4th of july!` lolz [05 Jul 2002|04:58pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

oops! i fergot to write yesterday, i wasnt really on much tho, i went to my dads....he picked me up in the morning then we decided to go putt-putt golfing haha i hadnt been since i was like 10 and boy do i suck! ;p it was really hott outside too! then after we went to joannas pizza place, she wasnt there tho, she was at the beach - it was like a perfect day for it too, i wish i coulda gone - grr.....so then we didnt really do nething til nighttime, then we went downtown to watch the fireworks - awww they were really pretty =D*

today has been a pretty good day!! ; this morning i found out im goin to new york on vacation with my dad - omgosh im like SO freakin excited!! i kno to most ppl it might not seem like a big deal, but new york is really cool, and its not everday u geta go! =DDDD hopefully lain will come, if her parents let her! and i just got a phone call from lenia from greece!!! yippeeee!! ive beenwaitin for her to call for like weeks! she said shes havin a blast over there tho so thats good!shes coming back like 3 days before school starts - that sucks so bad, cuz now like the first day i see her will be the first day of school! ahh =\ welp, im gunna go, bubyeee!*

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iM baCk ;] [01 Jul 2002|02:10am]
i got home from disney today...im kinda glad, i was ready to come home..i was gettin a lil bored up there in orlando - we like went to the water parks - blizzard beach + typhoon lagoon and MGM...rockin roller coaster and tower of terror are the best - we took my lil bros on tower of terror and they cried when they got off lol it was kind funny actually.we went to lotsa dinner shows n stuff so it was pretty fun - lain was there but only for like half the time cuz she hada go to NC so that sucked..i was stuck with this girl amanda ugh shes SO freakin annoying but i lived lol. but it was good when lain was there - cruisin for the hotties on the pimped out golf cart - 'jus tell em jason sensation said ur pretty' rofL ;x ...oh yea and u cant ferget the hott n sexy mexy! lol...gotta get me sum of them stripper flippers - right lain? haha that was great. lol oh ya, i stole the kids menu from the japnaneese restaurant - its in my purse..dont lemme forget`

- i gotta talk to brooke earlier =D that was good, shes doin better, shes at home now, and shes not in as much pain - praise the Lord! we're gunna get together when the swelling goes down so thats good! ;]]] i miss her already! <3 well im gunna go i need a shower like really bad - cya every0ne! `muahz*

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brookes in the hospital =[ [25 Jun 2002|08:52pm]
[ mood | worried ]

ughh, well yesterday brooke was at jamies and she got flipped off the tube and hit a dock....now shes in the hospital - she broke her jaw in four places and today she has to have surgery ;[[[[[[!!!!!!! im so scared for her, i pray that everything will be alright! i feel SOO bad for her, ugh gosh, why the hell did this hafta happen! =\ and it really sucks becuz im leaving today...in a couple hours actually....but i really wanna go see her, so i talked my mom into taking me to te hospital...im jus waitin a lil bit before i call to make sure its okay and everything. geez, =\ i love brooke so much - everything better be okay. when i talked to her last night she said the doctor said shes gunna hafta have her mouth wired shut for 6 to 8 weeks, and she cant eat, only drink thru a straw!! thats gunna suck sooo bad - ahhh! gosh =\ her whole summer is blown now cuz one stupid accident!!! kay wellim goin and brooke if u read this sweety - i love u and im here for yah!! ur one of my best friends ever<333 =D


@$!&^$#@^%*! [25 Jun 2002|09:49am]
[ mood | scared ]

omg0sh i jus found out that brooke had to go to the emergency room to get xrays becuz when she was at jamies she like flipped off th tube and got reall hurt =\ im so scared for her, im praying that everythings alright!! i love her to pieces!! <33

hm,i havent really written in awhile, not much has happened - sunday i went shopping with my mom - me n her have been getting along alot better lately - it's weird. but yah,then ysterday i did nothing...babysat my brothers...today me n lain slept in til like 1:30 =D it was great haha then i packed and went to wal-mart + the tanning bed. im getting pretty excited about disney =D* were leavin tomorrow! - that means i wont be writing for like a week. well im gettin tonz of IMs so ima go - later gat0rs!!* [:

comment puh - leez!!~

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*aloha babez` [22 Jun 2002|01:05am]
[ mood | energetic ]

hmz well i havent written in a few days...not too much has been goin on...on like tuesay i went to the movies with brooke + alli and brooke spent the night n then me n lain have been back n forth to each others houses all week ;] now im at brookes...we went to the movies tonight with jamie n tey ; aw jamies leavin for atlanta soon so were not gunna see her - tht really sucks butt ;p yup yup were watchin c0mic view - lmao - this is the best show ever - all ya'll'z should watch it~! hehe* hmm - we talked to sam fer awhile tonight - hes realy nice - next yrs gunna b lots a fun ;]]]..and hm i talked to jarred tonight too - whata fvkin jerk =/ ughhhh!!...well im goin - later gator!~ muahz*

5 days til disney!$#! ;D

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hmmz ` = l [14 Jun 2002|05:55pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

t0night i was gunna go to the movies with jamie britt + jason, but like ehh iuno - i kinda wasnt in the mood so i told my mom wasnt goin, then she made plans, so now i cant go n i wanna ;/ ugh. lains gunna come over now n i think were gunna go rent m0vies - gunna go say wasup to rodgy + sam rofL ;X hopfully jarred will b on lots tonight so i can talk to him ;]]]hehe <3*..;X

tomorrow im goin to my dad's fer the weekend. its like fathers day n all, i needa get him sumthin - i think ima jus get him like a nice card with a picture frame w/ a pic of me + him...good enough haha. yea, iuno bout hi lately, he hasnt bee his noral co0l-dad-self - guess its cuz of the skank ass gf he has..ehh ;X

geez, lenia left for greece yeserday!that really sucks ;/...i havent hard from brooke either, but i think shescomin back like nxt monday or tuesday and its about time - shes been gone since like 2 days after school got out!!

alrighty well im gunna go now - =D i luv yewz!~

~*comment ;]`

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` l a d i d a !~ [12 Jun 2002|06:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hiya` well i dont kno when i last wrote? i think its been awhile tho....not too much has been goin on...ive been babysittin my bros + chillin with lain everyday. =D* its the best! yup yup in like a week n a half were goin to disney! n lains gunna come- so that should be funn! ;] she hasta leave early tho to go to NC ;/ its all good tho. aww lenias leaving for greece tomorrow! ahh ima miss her so much *sniffs* i love you babee!!

oh yea, hehe, i think ive totally fallen for jarred ;] awwz` i <3 him!!

well, ima go,ill try to write more often - bYeByE!~ x0x0 =D*

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