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` l a d i d a !~

hiya` well i dont kno when i last wrote? i think its been awhile tho....not too much has been goin on...ive been babysittin my bros + chillin with lain everyday. =D* its the best! yup yup in like a week n a half were goin to disney! n lains gunna come- so that should be funn! ;] she hasta leave early tho to go to NC ;/ its all good tho. aww lenias leaving for greece tomorrow! ahh ima miss her so much *sniffs* i love you babee!!

oh yea, hehe, i think ive totally fallen for jarred ;] awwz` i <3 him!!

well, ima go,ill try to write more often - bYeByE!~ x0x0 =D*
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