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hmmz ` = l

t0night i was gunna go to the movies with jamie britt + jason, but like ehh iuno - i kinda wasnt in the mood so i told my mom wasnt goin, then she made plans, so now i cant go n i wanna ;/ ugh. lains gunna come over now n i think were gunna go rent m0vies - gunna go say wasup to rodgy + sam rofL ;X hopfully jarred will b on lots tonight so i can talk to him ;]]]hehe <3*..;X

tomorrow im goin to my dad's fer the weekend. its like fathers day n all, i needa get him sumthin - i think ima jus get him like a nice card with a picture frame w/ a pic of me + him...good enough haha. yea, iuno bout hi lately, he hasnt bee his noral co0l-dad-self - guess its cuz of the skank ass gf he has..ehh ;X

geez, lenia left for greece yeserday!that really sucks ;/...i havent hard from brooke either, but i think shescomin back like nxt monday or tuesday and its about time - shes been gone since like 2 days after school got out!!

alrighty well im gunna go now - =D i luv yewz!~

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