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omg0sh i jus found out that brooke had to go to the emergency room to get xrays becuz when she was at jamies she like flipped off th tube and got reall hurt =\ im so scared for her, im praying that everythings alright!! i love her to pieces!! <33

hm,i havent really written in awhile, not much has happened - sunday i went shopping with my mom - me n her have been getting along alot better lately - it's weird. but yah,then ysterday i did nothing...babysat my brothers...today me n lain slept in til like 1:30 =D it was great haha then i packed and went to wal-mart + the tanning bed. im getting pretty excited about disney =D* were leavin tomorrow! - that means i wont be writing for like a week. well im gettin tonz of IMs so ima go - later gat0rs!!* [:

comment puh - leez!!~
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