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i got home from disney today...im kinda glad, i was ready to come home..i was gettin a lil bored up there in orlando - we like went to the water parks - blizzard beach + typhoon lagoon and MGM...rockin roller coaster and tower of terror are the best - we took my lil bros on tower of terror and they cried when they got off lol it was kind funny actually.we went to lotsa dinner shows n stuff so it was pretty fun - lain was there but only for like half the time cuz she hada go to NC so that sucked..i was stuck with this girl amanda ugh shes SO freakin annoying but i lived lol. but it was good when lain was there - cruisin for the hotties on the pimped out golf cart - 'jus tell em jason sensation said ur pretty' rofL ;x ...oh yea and u cant ferget the hott n sexy mexy! lol...gotta get me sum of them stripper flippers - right lain? haha that was great. lol oh ya, i stole the kids menu from the japnaneese restaurant - its in my purse..dont lemme forget`

- i gotta talk to brooke earlier =D that was good, shes doin better, shes at home now, and shes not in as much pain - praise the Lord! we're gunna get together when the swelling goes down so thats good! ;]]] i miss her already! <3 well im gunna go i need a shower like really bad - cya every0ne! `muahz*
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