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happy -day after- 4th of july!` lolz

oops! i fergot to write yesterday, i wasnt really on much tho, i went to my dads....he picked me up in the morning then we decided to go putt-putt golfing haha i hadnt been since i was like 10 and boy do i suck! ;p it was really hott outside too! then after we went to joannas pizza place, she wasnt there tho, she was at the beach - it was like a perfect day for it too, i wish i coulda gone - grr.....so then we didnt really do nething til nighttime, then we went downtown to watch the fireworks - awww they were really pretty =D*

today has been a pretty good day!! ; this morning i found out im goin to new york on vacation with my dad - omgosh im like SO freakin excited!! i kno to most ppl it might not seem like a big deal, but new york is really cool, and its not everday u geta go! =DDDD hopefully lain will come, if her parents let her! and i just got a phone call from lenia from greece!!! yippeeee!! ive beenwaitin for her to call for like weeks! she said shes havin a blast over there tho so thats good!shes coming back like 3 days before school starts - that sucks so bad, cuz now like the first day i see her will be the first day of school! ahh =\ welp, im gunna go, bubyeee!*
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