s h a r a (ibluanqel) wrote,
s h a r a

this is dedicated to BRiTT*

this is for brittney...my hott ass,sexi mama friend - the only friend that actually reads my journal lol and even tho i havent seen her in weeks becuz we are both losers with no lives, i love her <3 and she is one of my bestest friends ever and next year when shes at fmhs, shes hookin me up with sum hotties =D*
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i read your journal, i just got back from penn + maryland so i havent in a lil bit buti read it everyday usually bcuz i have nothing better to do lol + im online all day just like last summer! haha remember.. be club [bored everyday] you're the secetary lol or the tresurer or something like that rofL` haha we're losers well hun c'ya :]

awz, hey babe! well did yah have fun? lmao yes we are t0tal losers!` <3 ya hun!!@#$%