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the chicago real world is the best ever =D

awz, well i jus watched the real world reunion thingy, it was pretty good i guess - yea, i really like dthat season - hehe*.....well today i went to the beach with brooke ;] aw it was pretty fun, there was like no one at the beach tho - hm kinda odd =\ but we hada leave at like 2 cuz i had an orthodontist appt - and good news - i get my braces off in like 2 weeks! - score!~#@! then i came home n watched harry potter - lol now that is one strange movie...then i watched john q, aw thats a sad one ='[. tomorrow i dont think im doin nething - chillin like always haha.

friday im leavin for new york city, yep yep, im pretty excited - its gunna b so cool, ive nevr been there n stuff! =D...welp, im gunna go, bubyeeez` <3333
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