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iM h0me~

well im home again, i got home at like 3 am last night cuz the damn plane was delayed like 2 freakin hours but anyhoo - im chillin at LAiN's right now...new york city was pretty damn awesome - we went to like all the sites yah kno - statue of liberty,ellis island, ground zero...etc. time square was pretty cool, and there are like soooo many ppl there, wow, i duno if i could live in a big city like that.but get this - for the first two days i like didnt have a bag - we thought the airlines lost it, but really it was jus sum dumbass that grabbed the wrong bag - i mean it was a bright red bag - go figure, so that really sucked, i got to go to a big mall n get clothes tho so that was cool. and we stayed with my dads girlfriends brothers house - he was really nice, so was his wife....yea it was a pretty good trip. ground zero was so sad tho, man o man, it must of really sucked to have actually seen it all happen - whoa , i cant even imagine! well, tomorrow i think ima go to the movies with britt n brooke and hopefully spend the night with britt, iuno if im alowd yet tho. but fer now im gunna go!* peace out playaz`

= shara <3
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