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tonight i went to the movies with brooke brittney n tey - oh ya, jason came too lol . but hes not important aha ;x we saw austin powers in goldmember...it was pretty funny, it was like one of those dumb,yet hilarious, movies - all you guys should go see it lol` after the movie we like saw lots of ppl from ecs - it was kinda weird...like sam calan paul evan adam jeremy ashtin + way more..oh and jus guess who i saw, who i havent seen all summmer - JARRED!@#$% - ahh i couldnt believe it, wow, he looks alot better, hes cute..really cute - he dyed his hair like bright blonde tho rofL ;x it actually doesnt look that bad though - i sure am screwed, yah kno, i thought i was over him, i really did but then i hada go and see him - so this is jus bad- very very bad, oh gosh, i dont even wanna think about it buti cangt help it!! grr =/ yep, so anyho0 - i was gunna spend the night at britts with tey n brooke - but i wasnt alowd, so tomorrow ima b home doing nuthin, LAiN has to go to a wedding so that sucks n then on sunday shes goin to ft lauderdale - i might go with her ...yah, i prolly will since i have nuthing better to do hehe* awh ya n we might go to olive garden - i love that place lol! alright, well this kinda got way longer than i wanted to, so ima go, later gat0rz ;P

= shara =D*
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