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2 days til school!~

school starts in 2 days. im like excited to see everyone, yet i have no idea how im going to get up and i dont wanna deal with classes. yesterday i went to open house, i saw the new school, got my uniforms and books, and met a couple teachers....i hung out with jarred justin lindsay brooke frankie n anna the whole time. i met this new kid, kris, he was really nice, and these two twin girls. we're suppose to be getting like alota new kids next yr, so thats cool i guess. its so gay we dont find out any of our classes, not even our homeroom til monday morning - its gunna b total chaos! but oh well.
tonight i went to the movies with brooke joanna jamie theresa emily anna and frankie.jarred was suppose to go with us, but him n danny were late =\...actually i saw their truck drive away and knew they were there we jus didnt wait lol. but we saw em after anyways so it was okay. it was cool to see everyone, i hadnt seen some of em in months! so tomorrow im not doin nething really, i already got all school stuff. i have an eye doc appt but thats all, ill prolly jus chill and enjoy my last saturday of summer haha. =D welp, im gunna go, bubyeee <33
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heyy girl yoo needa update ;]
hey i added u [ hope u add me back] =D
my name is Shara too