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ibluanqel's Journal

s h a r a
aloha=D my name is
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<font face=arial ptsize=9 color=#000000>aloha=D my name is <font face=arial ptsize=9 color=#ff99cc><h7><shara</h7><font face=arial ptsize=9 color=#000000>i live in ft myers florida and im <h7>f0urteen</h7> i have blonde hair + blue eyes and im a freshie at ecs - go sentinels! ;] i love my <font face=arial ptsize=9 color=#ff99cc><h7>friends</h7><font face=arial ptsize=9 color=#000000> - yah kn0 who ya are <33

add meEh n ill add yEw back =D*

<font face=arial ptsize=9 color=#ff99cc><h7>shara*</h7> - you are my best friend in the whole wide world! i love you with all my heart and i dont know what i would do without you! this summer has been the best and i know we are going to be best friends <h7>forever!</h7> disney was so much fun :] jason sensation was such a hottie! woohoo lmao..hm..golf cart rides were the best too! im gunna have to get some of those stripper flippers hehe..sum good ones :D OMG! i still cant believe that hot n sexy mexy. tonight was great..24 pick up..wait no, 35?? 54?? lol what the heck!? guyz are so dumb..i cant get over it! - all of them lol...but were gunna be best buds with the cool kids in alva lmao..but <h7>nothing</h7> more :] lol right?! alrighty - im going to miss you sooooo much when your up in NYC without me :[ im seriously going to cry! ugh you better call me every single day and video tape everything when your in china town lol. what am i even going to do when i go to college? lol..ill probably cry for days! next summer we are going on a long ass vacation together! <33 a cruise i hope :] that would be the best! maybe next year if your lucky, ill take you to school lol. alright, i love you soo much babe!! BESTEST FRIENDS FOREVER!<333

= LAiN* [:

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